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Simon Frederiksen, Elite Athlete

My program has good balance of being challenging without compromising my health, and my close work with Morten as coach, has given me the oppurtunity to reach my potential as an athelte.

Mette Zimmer, AG triathlete

My first discovery working with Morten, was a surplus in training, which i had never experienced before. Training stress, fatigue and overall feel was tughtly monitored, which gave me a sense of calmness in my training.

Dwayne Gouws, General Manager

 In 2016 I was very fortunate in have acquired the coaching skills of Morten whilst he was in South Africa.  I found his coaching to be of immense value during this time, especially not always being able to fit in the hours I ideally would have liked to.  His flexibility, understanding and guidance in this regard was ultimately the key factors for me having completed my second full Iron Man event in a personal best and further exceeding even my own expectations.  I have found Morten’s coaching style to be fully transparent depending on your own personal goals and therefore I would recommend him to any athlete from beginner right through to very experienced and seasoned athletes

Gavin Magrath, CEO Gulf

I was very fortunate to have Morten in South Africa during my training, he accompanied us on many long bike rides as well as swims, which very few trainers will do. My swim and bike splits were the quickest I have ever had during the race and I never felt better. Morten guides you though the difficult low times during training with encouragement and will walk the whole way with you to make sure achieve your goals because he has been there. His knowledge is immense and pre IM tips fantastic

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